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i’ve always been a writer. 


but in 2008, i got my heart broken and couldn’t find my words. so i picked up a camera instead.

fifteen years have gone by though, and i'm still photographing.


i also did find my words again--it's amazing what time can do for the heart. and i've come to the wonderful realization that i don't have to choose between words or photo.


after all, it was a wise old man at a farmer’s market who once said to me, “[in latin], 'graph’ means ‘write’ and photo means ‘light’."


“to write with light,” i said.

words or photos.


either way, i'm writing. 


Photo work has been published in Rolling Stone magazine, People magazine, the Chicago Tribune, The New York,,, The Washington Post, the Tennessean,,, Us Weekly,, E! Online and 


Written work has been published with The Christian Science Monitor, The East Nashvillian, Williamson, A.M., The Leaf-Chronicle and Titans Radio Network. 



Laura Roberts


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